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Iron Gym Door Gym Bar[gym door bar]

Iron Gym Door Gym Bar

Iron Gym Door Gym Bar[gym door bar]


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Iron gym door bar is made from durable high strength steel and comes with non slip foam padding grips for extra comfort and safety. The chin up bar is suitable for a door frame width between 62cm and 100cm with maximum load up to 100kg. If you are serious about chin ups then this chin up bar is an essential purchase.


* Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Steel Bar w/foam handles grips for comfort
* Adjustable from 62cm-100cm
* Support up to 100kg
* Includes All Doorway mounting hardware & support brackets
* Compatible with almost any door frame
* Can be easily set up
* Allows you to workout in the convenience of your own home
* Lightweight for Easy Transportation
* Foam pads provides secure and comfortable grip
* Includes exercise instructions (printed on box)
* Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use
* Easy to Maintain and Keep Clean
* Effectively perform pull-ups, chin-ups or crunches when mounted near the floor