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Push Up Pro Premium with Rotating Cuffs & Grips[push up]

Push Up Pro Premium with Rotating Cuffs & Grips

Push Up Pro Premium with Rotating Cuffs & Grips[push up]


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Push Up Pro is the revolutionary new way to do push ups. These rotating push up grips allow your arms and shoulders to move more naturally. More muscles are targeted more effectively while reducing strain on wrists and joints. Strengthen and tone your chest, shoulders, arms, back and! It's the ultimate upper body workout!

Push Up Pro is portable and works on any floor surface. It's great for home, office and travel. It's must for anyone who is serious about getting in shape.

* The ultimate upper body workout
* Rotating pushup grips
* Great for all fitness levels
* Strengthens & Tones
* Portable & Lightweight
* Works the chest, arms, back and more!
* Beginner, intermediated, advanced and expert levels of workout.
* Includes Push up Pro set of 2 grips, workout instructions and nutrition guide.
* Endorsed by Jack Zatorski, holder of the world record for Push Ups.
* Can be used on the wall or flat surface