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Upper Arm Shape[arm shape]

Upper Arm Shape

Upper Arm Shape[arm shape]


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Say goodbye to flappy arms with Upper Arm Shape! A breakthrough in sculpting and toning arms, the Upper Arm Shape produces fast, visible results the very first time you use it.


The secret is in the exclusive Japan wave concave-convex weave engineering. The material is coated with germanium, titanium and silver which helps in detoxification and toning. It is ideal for those with aching arms too.

This new revolutionary slimming arm shaper can give you sexy and slim arms instantly. The secret is in the exclusive concave-convex weave engineering to massage, sculpt, shape, firm and slenderize.

And it does all of this in comfort. It covers the upper arm just below your shoulder to just above your elbow ensuring all of your problem areas are targeted. Look inches smaller and pounds thinner.

Recommended usage frequency : 4-6 hours daily (not during bedtime)

3 Benefits :
* Enhances blood circulation
* Reduces hypodermic fat with regular wear
* Reduces the appearance of cellulite

Warnings :
* Do not bleach
* Do not dry with dryer; only hand wash and dry clean
* Do not exert pressure to pull the product as it might cause damage
* Fingernails may damage product
* If any sort of skin irritation occurs during or after utilization, cease usage immediately
* Not suitable for sensitive skin